Bowl X-treme


Bowl X-treme offers you 3 different game modes:

- Simulation

- Arcade

- Fun Bowling


These three modes guarantee a great deal of long-lasting fascination for every bowler, whether it's just your hobby or if you're already at professional standard.

The Simulation Mode reproduces the sport of bowling under absolutely realistic conditions - the norm for modeling Bowling Centers plus you can choose from a multitude of bowling balls - plastic, reactive, particle, dull, shiny ..., and everyone can find the ideal weight for his or her game – they run between 6 and 16 lbs! The interactive controls, Start position, Throw Direction Spin and Throw Speed allow even the most complex throws to be reproduced naturally. You can even choose how the lane itself should be oiled using different basic settings and additionally manipulated any way you wish by means of a special function.

The creators have also focused on realistic imagery of the bowling complex itself. This is achieved by the RealStorm Engine with its realtime ray tracing - absolutely unique 3D technology. A multitude of settings enable you to play the game on almost any computer. The game's powerful systems also give you a maximum in possible utilization of resources, like the realtime calculation of fantastic shadow throwing and reflections.

The dynamic sounds system and the catchy background music lend a real Bowling Center atmosphere to the game.

For long-lasting game-motivation you can play against a great range of variously-talented computer opponents. The integrated Player Profile Editor also allows you to create your own human and computer opponents. All match results are saved in a comprehensive Best List (with more than 250 possible players). The list can be defined and sorted according to various criteria like Average Score, Total Pins, Strike Ratio, Perfect Matches, etc., enabling you to analyze your own position in any list category you choose to select.

An additional import function also allows you to swap these Best Lists with your friends, adding an extra element of excitement and competition to the game.

The play mode "Fun Bowling" gives you a powerful variation of a clever computer simulation in which you can actually ‘steer' your bowling ball while it's moving towards the pins! This kind of throw is also influenced by great bonus fields!

An integrated interface makes it possible to add additional bowling lanes after a game – and these can even be made available on an Internet page.

All in all offers fantastic bowling fun on your PC. Have fun, Brother and Sister Bowlers!