Christmas Coloring Game
Make the Christmas even more fun by putting some bright colors into this holiday scene. You've got a lot to do.
There is Christmas tree, cosy fireplace and Santa peeking in through the window!
All of them for you to color however you want!


Mini Paint


Crazy Vegetables
You've got a fun new task to complete - put some color on the veggies in the bountiful garden.
Don't be fooled by the sleepy look of some of them, because it turns out they're alive!
So grab the virtual paintbrush and give free rein to your imagination...


Ramone's House of Body Art
Infomation: Paint this bunch of cars the way you want it.
How to play:
Use Mouse to interact.


Spring Coloring


Be My Valentine

Will Cupid's arrow reach the girl waiting for her date? Will the meeting in the park start a true
romantic love? The couple meets in this lovely setting accompanied by twochi rping birds
and a teddy bear. So grab the paintbrush and using colourful paints make the scene even
more cute and colourful!


Snow White Painting


Princess's Dream

A handsome knight in a silver armour riding a beautiful, chestnut horse and a blonde princess
that runs to welcome them to the georgeous, colourful castle. All this among green nature
and breathtaking sunset over the sea. A truly picturesque scene, isn't it? You need to finish it
with colours, get going now, cause it's really easy!


Funny Bunny & Easter Eggs

Easter time is a time to paint and decorate eggs. So grab your paintbrush and help
the bunny be on time with decorating. Use color generously with no fear that you
will stain yourself!


PingaLee and Friends Orchestra

In this detailed coloring game PingaLee and friends are practicing for their big performance. Make the scene even more exciting by coloring the friends and their instruments: the bird twitting, the elphant playing the cello, the drumming bear and many others.

Don't forget PingaLee conducting them all!

Sonic the Hedgehog: Character Designer  
Description: Sonic Character Designer instructions and controls: Simply choose from the supplied options. These include head, mouth, eyes, nose, ears, body type, belly, arms, hands, legs, shoes, and tail. Customize to your heart's content, or pick the random button for a surprise character!
Have fun!