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Edit: To unlock the secrets, you have to be EXACT in what the model wears. I know it's hard.

Here are all the passwords to the game

-> facechange
-> sushimuncher
-> cowgirl
-> skimpy
-> housecleaner

And here is what a prostitute wears:

-Tropical Gradient Tank
-Leather Miniskirt
-Black Shear Stockings
-Knee Hi Leather Boots
-80s Sunglasses
-Multiple Body Rings
-Heart Tattoo

More hints:
Businesswoman has 3 accessories
Punk has 5 accessories

Comments by the Author(s) of Dress Up Sim 2
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Edit: Thanks for frontpage/daily 1st/weekly 2nd. Maybe I'll do a 3rd one in the future.

Secrets can be unlocked by clicking symbols/logos/flowers on the clothes or accessories that have been equipped.


** Flash 8 required **

This is a portfolio project I've been working on for awhile. It'll also be my last dress up game, so I threw everything I could at it. It has over 260 accessories/clothes to equip. Enjoy.






Bailee Madison Makeover Hannah Montana Dress Up








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