Dress Up Sim 2
Wait for the game to load, then click [Ready]
Instructions and misc info: Click the name of a clothing item in a list box to equip it into the model. Once equipped, click the name again to unequip it. Find hidden easter eggs throughout the game by clicking invisible hotspots to unlock secrets.
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Edit: To unlock the secrets, you have to be EXACT in what the model wears. I know it's hard.

Here are all the passwords to the game

-> facechange
-> sushimuncher
-> cowgirl
-> skimpy
-> housecleaner

And here is what a prostitute wears:

-Tropical Gradient Tank
-Leather Miniskirt
-Black Shear Stockings
-Knee Hi Leather Boots
-80s Sunglasses
-Multiple Body Rings
-Heart Tattoo

More hints:
Businesswoman has 3 accessories
Punk has 5 accessories

Comments by the Author(s) of Dress Up Sim 2
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Edit: Thanks for frontpage/daily 1st/weekly 2nd. Maybe I'll do a 3rd one in the future.

Secrets can be unlocked by clicking symbols/logos/flowers on the clothes or accessories that have been equipped.


** Flash 8 required **

This is a portfolio project I've been working on for awhile. It'll also be my last dress up game, so I threw everything I could at it. It has over 260 accessories/clothes to equip. Enjoy.






Bailee Madison Makeover Hannah Montana Dress Up








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